Why is the wear resistance of cemented carbide so excellent? Can the use time test its durability?

Carbide is world-famous for its excellent wear resistance and has become an indispensable and important material in many industrial fields. So, what is the wear resistance of cemented carbide? Will it stand the test of time?

Carbide’s excellent wear resistance is mainly due to its unique composition and structure. Cemented carbide is mainly composed of high-hardness carbide particles and metal binders. Carbide particles have extremely high hardness and can effectively resist external wear, while the metal binder firmly binds the carbide particles together to form a stable organizational structure. This structure allows the carbide to maintain excellent properties during friction and wear.

In real-world applications, the wear resistance of cemented carbide is truly remarkable. Whether it’s high-speed cutting, heavy-duty friction, or harsh working environments, carbide consistently delivers a long service life and stable performance. For instance, in the oil drilling industry, carbide drill bits can withstand the rigors of hard rock formations for extended periods without significant wear. In the machinery manufacturing sector, carbide cutting tools maintain their sharp edges even during high-speed cutting, significantly enhancing processing efficiency.

However, carbide’s wear resistance is not permanent. It is also affected by factors such as time, usage conditions, and environment. Over time, the surface of cemented carbide may gradually become worn and damaged. Especially under extreme working conditions, such as high temperature, high pressure, or a strong corrosive environment, the wear resistance of cemented carbide may be subject to greater challenges.

However, carbide can still stand the test of time. Through reasonable use and maintenance, the wear resistance of cemented carbide can be effectively extended. First, select the appropriate carbide material and model to ensure that it can perform optimally in the specific working environment. Secondly, during use, care should be taken to avoid overloading, overheating, and overspeeding to avoid excessive damage to the cemented carbide. In addition, regular maintenance and upkeep of cemented carbide, such as cleaning, grinding, and coating, can also effectively extend its service life.

Of course, in addition to factors in use and maintenance, the manufacturing quality of cemented carbide is also crucial for its wear resistance and service life. In this regard, My Carbides relies on its excellent technical strength and strict quality control to provide the market with high-quality carbide products.


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