Application of carbide carbide in nozzles

Nozzles are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, automobiles, metallurgy, aerospace, shipbuilding, glass, coal and other fields. They are one of the key components in mechanical equipment such as surface cleaning, surface strengthening and jet cutting.

TiC is the main raw material for manufacturing cemented carbide. 6%-30% TiC can be added to WC-Co cemented carbide to form a TiC-WC solid solution with WC. TiC-WC-Co cemented carbide is harder than WC-Co. Quality alloys are more suitable for processing steel. TiC can also be used as a binder with Ti-Mo and other alloys to make W-free cemented carbide, which can significantly improve the cutting speed and the accuracy and smoothness of the workpiece. Using the vapor deposition method to prepare TiC coating on the surface of cemented carbide or mold can greatly improve the wear resistance. The carbide nozzle made of it has high wear resistance, erosion resistance, toughness, good thermal conductivity, and long service life.

Preparation method of cemented carbide

The preparation of cemented carbide usually includes the following steps:

Raw material preparation: Mix metal carbide and metal binder powders in a certain proportion.

Drying: The mixed powder is dried at low temperatures to remove moisture and other impurities.

Mixing: The dried powder is mechanically mixed to ensure uniform distribution of metal carbides and metal binders.

Pressing: Put the mixed powder into a mold and press it under high pressure to form a body of the desired shape.

Sintering: The pressed body is placed at high temperatures so that the metal binder melts and infiltrates between the metal carbide particles to form a dense structure.

Post-processing: grinding, polishing, coating and other subsequent processing as needed.


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