Why is it better to use powder metallurgy to process cemented carbide materials?

The raw materials for powder metallurgy processing include iron-based, copper-based, copper-iron, stainless steel, and alloy series. Many refractory materials, especially cemented carbide, are only suitable for powder metallurgy processing.

What material is cemented carbide?

Cemented carbide is an alloy made by mixing hard metal carbides and binder metal (tungsten, tantalum, titanium, molybdenum, cobalt, nickel, iron) powders, pressing them into molds, and then sintering them. Carbide has a high hardness and is mainly used for cutting tools. Since the raw materials contain refractory metals, carbide can only be made using powder metallurgy forming technology.

Is powder metallurgy processing more suitable for cemented carbide?

The raw material metal carbide of cemented carbide is difficult to bond together to form the desired size and shape, making it impossible to produce suitable parts. They can only be bonded together using the adhesive “cobalt” or steel, but cobalt and steel cannot be smelted using traditional processing methods.

Powder metallurgy processing can first make the cemented carbide raw materials, steel, carbide, cobalt, etc., into powder, then mix them well, and then form the mold through powder metallurgy, and then sinter it in a sintering furnace. At the same time, cobalt or steel fine powder particles can be melted, but the carbide cannot be completely melted. After cooling down, cobalt or steel can combine the carbide powder to form a cemented carbide product.

The powder metallurgy process can solve the problems that traditional processes cannot solve. It can not only form the final product through powder preparation, shaping, and sintering of cemented carbide, but also ensure the performance of cemented carbide parts. The powder metallurgy process plays an important role in the industrial field. It plays a very important role. The formed cemented carbide can be tested to see whether it meets the current production standards by testing its density and specific gravity.


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