Carbide cutting tools

Carbide cutting tools, as the name implies, are tools made of extremely hard carbide material. This material has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance and it is widely used in cutting processing.

1. Titanium carbide

It reacts with oxygen at high temperatures to form titanium oxide (Tic), aluminum oxide and other substances to form metal TiC2. Since TiC2 is a refractory intermetallic compound and is solid, it is also called sintered titanium carbide or sintered titanium nitride ( TICN).

Due to its low melting point, high density, poor thermal conductivity, and strong impact resistance, carbide has many advantages when used as a blade material:

1) Good high temperature resistance

Because the carbide crystal structure is dense and hard, it is not easy to soften and deform at high temperatures. In addition, due to its small thermal expansion coefficient, its heat-resistant temperature range is wide. At the same time, its high hardness and good wear resistance make it suitable for high-speed cutting. It takes work to chip or break.

2) Good corrosion resistance

Because a thin protective layer of oxide is adsorbed on the surface of the carbide crystal, it has certain chemical resistance. It is, therefore, used in the manufacture of blades to extend service life and reduce wear rates. In addition, because of its comprehensive properties, such as good oxidation resistance, thermal stability, and certain mechanical strength, it can be used for processing in various media, such as the cutting of stainless steel, cast iron, copper, and other metals.

3) High strength

It can be seen from the above that the carbide crystal structure is dense and hard, so it has high strength and toughness. At the same time, its low thermal conductivity also makes it have better heat dissipation conditions, thereby improving its stiffness and impact resistance. In addition, it is not easy to soften and deform at high temperatures, making it one of the best tool materials.

5) Easy to weld

Because titanium carbide is a solid granular crystal, it is easy to produce by powder metallurgy and can be made into thin sheets for welding and molding. In addition, because its melting point is low and it contains a small amount of volatile components, the melting temperature is greatly reduced, and it is easy to weld.

2. Cobalt-based cemented carbide

Cobalt-based cemented carbide is divided into two categories: cobalt-based coated cemented carbide and non-coated cemented carbide. As mentioned above, the difference between non-coated cemented carbide and cobalt-based coating is mainly in the heat treatment.


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