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Chromium Carbide Cr3C2 Powder Blog

Chromium carbide Cr3C2 powder: High performance materials in the aviation and petrochemical industry shine

Chromium carbide Cr3C2 powder is an inorganic compound composed of chromium and Carbon elements.
Tantalum Carbide TaC Powder Blog

Tantalum carbide powder (TaC) leads the revolution of new materials and shows broad application prospects in the high-tech field

Tantalum carbide powder is a kind of carbide in inorganic materials. This powder is black or dark brown, with a cubic crystal structure, hard, melting ...
image Blog

What are the surface treatment processes for stainless steel plates?–Etching

Working principle: First, use a mold to print the pattern ...
Al SiC Blog

Aluminum silicon carbide composite materials exhibit excellent performance in multiple fields

Aluminum Silicon Carbide (AlSiC) is a composite material composed of a mixture of aluminum alloy and silicon carbide particles.
image-1 Blog

The application of cemented carbide balls in high-end machinery and why it is so indispensable?

In the world of high-end machinery, every detail counts. Carbide balls, this seemingly small but powerful component, are an indispensable part of many precision machines. ...
Carbide1 Blog

The difference between cemented carbide molds and ordinary molds

The main difference between carbide molds and ordinary molds is their wear resistance and hardness. These two properties play a vital role in the mold's service ...
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