Titanium Carbonitride

Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder Titanium Aluminium Nitride Tin Coating CAS 12654-86-3

Titanium nitrided carbide (TiCN) is very significant in improving productivity and improving the surface quality of the workpiece.
Particle Size: -325mesh
Purity: 99%

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Overview of Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder

Titanium Carbonitride has many other uses besides being used as an abrasive due to its stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and good wear resistance. Titanium carbon nitride has a very high hardness, with a Mohs hardness 9.5, second only to the world’s harder diamond (grade 10). It has excellent thermal conductivity and is a semiconductor that can resist oxidation at high temperatures.

What is in the coating?

Titanium carbonitride coating is a thin film coating developed from titanium nitride. TiCN has a slightly higher hardness than TiN and a slightly lower friction coefficient in many applications. It is mainly used to improve abrasive wear resistance. The use temperature limit of TiCN is relatively low.

TiCN has a lower coefficient of friction and higher hardness than TiN. Tools plated with Titanium Carbonitride are more suitable for cutting hard materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloys, and nickel alloys and have more wear resistance and high-temperature stability, which can significantly improve Tool life. TiCN is a dark gray powder. It has low internal stress, toughness, good lubricity, hardness, wear resistance, and other characteristics suitable for occasions requiring low friction coefficient and hardness.

Titanium Carbonitride has at least 70 crystalline forms. α-Titanium Carbonitride is a more common isomorphous crystal formed at a high temperature higher than 2000 degrees Celsius and has a hexagonal crystal structure (like wurtzite). β-Titanium Carbonitride, a cubic crystal structure similar to diamond, is formed below 2000 degrees Celsius. Although in the application of heterogeneous catalyst support, it is eye-catching because of its higher unit surface area than the α type. Another type of Titanium Carbonitride, μ-Titanium Carbonitride, is very stable and has a more pleasant sound when colliding. Feel free to inquire about the latest price if you want to buy Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder in bulk.


Product Performance of Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder

Titanium carbonitride is a non-oxide ceramic material with excellent performance and wide application. It has the advantages of TiC and TiN. It has a high melting point, hardness, good corrosion and oxidation resistance, and thermal conductivity. Sex, conductivity, and chemical stability for many fields such as machinery, chemicals, automotive, and aerospace.

Technical Parameter of Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder 

Ti+C+N C N Si P Cl
99.2 5.6 6 0.01 0.04 0.03


Production Method of Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder

In the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process, TiCN applies the transverse rotating cathode technology. The substance evaporates from the solid source in the form of atoms/molecules and then is transported as vapor through a vacuum, low-pressure gas/plasma to the substrate, where it condenses. The application temperature of TiCN is 450°C.

Application of Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder

Titanium Carbonitride can be divided into αTitanium Carbonitride and βTitanium Carbonitride. The αTitanium Carbonitride abrasive has two color varieties: green Titanium Carbonitride black and green. β-Titanium Carbonitride prepares the main category of Titanium Carbonitride ceramic materials. Black Titanium Carbonitride’s toughness is higher than green Titanium Carbonitride’s. It is mainly used to process materials with low tensile strength, such as glass, ceramics, stone, refractory materials, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals. Green Titanium Carbonitride has good self-sharpening and is mainly used for processing cemented carbide, titanium alloy, and optical glass.

In addition to being used as an abrasive, Titanium Carbonitride has many other uses. A special process is used to coat Titanium Carbonitride powder on the inner wall of the turbine impeller or cylinder block, which can improve its wear resistance and prolong its service life by 1 to 2 times. The finished refractory materials, black Titanium Carbonitride and green, are heat-resistant, light in weight and high in strength, and have good energy-saving effects.

Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN) has the highest lubricity in all tin coatings. This makes it an excellent dry film lubricant, better than standard calico tin when it needs to improve the hardness and wear resistance. Great. TiCN is commonly used for steel, hardened, and stainless steel materials. TiCN is an excellent coating suitable for bronze, brass, and plastics, so it is a good choice for stamping, punching, and forming. It can be stripped and recoated.

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Storage Condition of Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder

Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder dispersion performance and using effects, therefore, titanium tin carbide Ti2SnC powder should be sealed in vacuum packing and stored in cool and dry room, the titanium tin carbide can not be exposure to air. In addition, the Ti2SnC powder should be avoided under stress.

Payment Methods of Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder

L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card etc.

Shipment of Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder

It could be shipped by sea, by air, or by reveal ASAP as soon as repayment receipt.

Package of Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder

Vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.


Q1: What is the melting point of titanium carbonitride?
Answer: Titanium carbonitride has a higher melting point, roughly in the range of 2140-2270°C, and has good thermal stability.

Q2: What is the hardness of titanium carbonitride?
Answer: Titanium carbonitride has a high hardness, and its hardness value is usually in the range of 3000 to 3500HV, which makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing wear-resistant materials.

Q3: What is the conductivity of titanium carbonitride?
Answer: Titanium carbonitride has good electrical conductivity and can be used in electronic devices and other fields.

Q4: What are the advantages of titanium carbonitride compared with traditional carbide?
Answer: Compared with traditional commonly used tungsten-cobalt carbide, titanium carbonitride has better high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and wear resistance, and can significantly improve the service life and performance of the material.

Q5: Is titanium carbonitride harmful to the human body?
Answer: When handling titanium carbonitride, you should wear appropriate protective equipment and ensure that the workplace is well ventilated to avoid possible irritation or damage to the lungs caused by long-term inhalation of its dust.

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